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Trinidad and Tobago shopping guide – where to shop and what to buy

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You might not come here for shopping alone, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the range and quality of what’s on offer. Huge air conditioned malls in the towns and cities contrast with the traditional craft markets and roadside stalls that pop up all over the country. Miniature steelpans, local rum and hand crafted leather accessories are all great buys at markets and family-run shops, while high-end fashion and luxury items are the highlight of out-of-town malls.

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Trinidad & Tobago

Port of Spain


The bustling capital has a variety of shopping options, with Frederick Street alone boasting three malls; Aboutique Mall, Golden Door Plaza, and Capital Plaza. For souvenirs or locally made crafts, Independence Square and the corner of Henry and Frederick streets are a good place to start, with craftsmen hawking hand-made leathers, belts and wooden carvings. Food and a menagerie of other items can be bought on Charlotte Street or at the island’s biggest market; Central Market at Sea Lots. Find fresh meat including live chickens; fruit and vegetables; traditional medicinal herbs and imported household gadgets.


San Fernando


Considered as South Trinidad’s main shopping hub, San Fernando has much to offer in the way of treats and trinkets. South of the city center, Gulf City Mall in La Romain is one of the island’s most sophisticated shopping areas, while Cross Crossing Shopping Plaza on Lady Hailes Avenue is another popular choice. Downtown, the spacious High Street bustles with large stores and pavement stalls, while aptly-named Coffee Street is a vibrant mishmash of cafes, bars, independent shops and global chains.




This rapidly growing city provides a diverse shopping experience for central Trinidad. Chaguanas offers everything from flea markets to sparkling malls, including Price Plaza and Center Point. These are good for international fashion and dining, but the most interesting shopping area in Chaguanas is the Main Street, with street vendors plying their trade from salted fish to colorful clothing. There are also plenty of walk-in shops and boutiques here too, with a lively buzz and friendly atmosphere to enjoy, especially on the busy days of Friday and Saturday.




The island of Tobago boasts one of the country’s most recent new shopping endeavors – 2013 saw the mall Shoppes @ Westcity open in Canaan, with a range of fashion stores and fine dining. Another sophisticated shopping destination on the island is the palm adorned Gulf City Mall in Crown Point, where you can find international designer clothing and quality imported items. After something a little more local? The craft market at Store Bay is a maze of shell jewelry, wooden sculptures, calabash art and vibrant Rasta hats. Scarborough is also an interesting shopping destination, with quality leather sold in the market near Carrington Street and a scattering of bookshops throughout the town.


Shopping tips


Remember you might need a hat and sunscreen if you are planning on spending the day browsing the markets – you will of course be under the influence of the brilliant Caribbean sun. If you head to one of the many malls, look out for homegrown designer labels such as Claudia Pegus, Heather Jones and Meiling. If you fancy dedicating an entire day to a shopping venture, hire a taxi for the day for around US$50-US$100.