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Where to stay in Ibiza – from seaside hostels to rural havens

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Be it a beachside campsite or a luxurious villa, accommodation options in Ibiza are never too challenging as long as you book early enough. Hostels, campsites, hotels, apartments and villas are all available whether you are traveling alone or in a large group. Once you have decided on your area and chosen between seaside, center or rural, the rest will all fall into place with a range of budget options.

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There is a natural separation on the island, with the party animals generally stampeding to San Antonio and Playa den Bossa, family groups staying in the smaller towns of Santa Eulalia, Cala Llonga and Es Canar and those looking for a relaxing retreat heading for the peace of the pine forests in the north.


Although Ibiza is a small island, if you choose to go rural and head for the hills, you will need transport and a good sense of direction. If however, you opt for a family holiday in a town, public transport and ferries are a great way to see the rest of the island. Most towns have at least one hire car company so if sightseeing is on your list, it's not a problem. Vehicles can also often be rented right from your hotel.




For the adventurous backpacker, we have fully equipped campsites where you can park your own camper or rent a little bungalow. Weather conditions in Ibiza make camping a pleasure and a lot of the campsites are therefore, along the coast with wonderful sea views.




The majority of hostels on the island are located within the larger towns. There are plenty to choose from and some are even a stone's throw from the sea. None of them are particularly modern but they all have the basics and certainly have their own charm. Hostels are a good option if you haven't pre-booked and B&B's are available too.




Ibiza hotels can range from your average five story building with all the necessary amenities and all inclusive facilities to the most luxurious rural farm houses. The former serve their purpose and are convenient, comfortable and usually walking distance to the closest beach whereas the latter are way above standard, often with on-site five star restaurants, spas, gymnasiums and even conference centers.




Family holidays can often be expensive so a self-catered apartment that sleeps six is an ideal option. These complexes usually have a large swimming pool with a poolside bar and restaurant, a shop or two for convenience and are near the beach. These apartment blocks can be found in all the smaller towns and are very family friendly.


Private villas


Private villas are the perfect solution for large groups of friends, wedding parties, work functions or retreats. Hidden away in the hills, they are ideal for relaxing holidays by the pool away from the stresses of city life. Villas of any size can be found, with or without private catering and chauffeurs, guides and babysitters can be arranged.