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Family Holidays in Paris

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Your family trip would not be complete, however, without a visit to Disneyland! Most of the main attractions in Paris cater for children by including workshops, tours and general fun things to keep them entertained.

Most of the main attractions in Paris cater for children by including workshops, tours and general fun things to keep them entertained. Adults, meanwhile, can enjoy the beauty of the monuments, museums or architecture they are visiting. Disneyland, on the other hand, is an attraction the whole family can enjoy together - from the rides and the characters to the atmosphere and the laughter. Grown-ups will be transported back to their childhoods!

When in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is a must-see, no matter what age you are. Everyone will love the views at the top, or love saying they've climbed it! Children aged between 6-10 can pick up a Gus quiz-trail leaflet from the first floor to find out more about the tower's history and construction - making the whole experience informative as well as fun.

The Louvre is another great attraction in Paris. For families, the vast and awe-inspiring Louvre is great for absorbing famous pieces of work from the Mona Lisa to the modern glass pyramid in the courtyard outside. There are tours, programs and workshops for children to help keep the Louvre entertaining and exciting, whilst the adults have time to soak up some culture. There is also a trail from the Louvre to the Jardin des Tuileries that has donkey rides and a carousel. Nearby on the Left Bank there is also the Jardin de Luxembourg , which holds entertainment for children in the form of puppet shows, alongside monuments for the adults to enjoy. However, the thrills and adventure of Disneyland may win against the Louvre’s masterpieces where kids are concerned - especially with rides such as 'The Pirates of the Caribbean', an exciting voyage which inspired the hit films.

The Jardin d’Acclimation, reached by a small motorised train from Porte Mailot, is a park smaller than Disneyland. There are fun rides and play equipment, including a ‘magic river’ with a water chute, trampolines, hall of mirrors and a pool. That's not to mention the puppet theatre, mini-zoo, pony rides, gardening workshop and the ‘Growing Museum’ full of hands-on art and science exhibitions. If that still isn't enough for your little ones, however, then you should try out Disneyland’s 'Space Mountain: Mission 2', where a supercharged canon will blast you on a warp-speed ride into the unknown - children and adults alike will feel the g-force while dodging screaming meteorites and black holes.

If you are visiting Paris during the summer and are blessed with warm weather, then the place to be for all the family is the River Seine at the Paris Plage. Temporary beaches are set up alongside the Seine from mid-July, complete with palm trees and loungers. Adults can relax in the sunshine or in a Jacuzzi or sauna, whilst the children play on the makeshift beaches and in the La Piscine Joséphine Baker; a floating swimming pool on the Seine. This pool is open all year but comes into its own in summer, when its roof fully retracts. This prime spot is also close to Châtelet, where there is a children’s area with baby-changing and feeding facilities, as well as plenty to entertain the younger ones amongst us.

Also in the summer is Bastille Day, on July 14th. This is when Parisian folk celebrate the 1789 surrender of the Bastille that began the Revolution. The event brings excitement all over France but the capital holds the most amazing firework displays and concerts to celebrate the day. They have a military parade led by the president and accompanied by jets at the Champs-Elysées, which is a must for all the family.

If you're visiting Paris in winter, then don't miss the sensational transformation of the Disneyland theme park into a winter wonderland. Kids can see their favourite characters come to life in special Christmas parades and shows, and they can of course visit Santa to personally deliver their Christmas wish list. In the city itself, you can admire the festive illuminations and beautifully decorated trees - as well as doing some great Christmas shopping.

For family Holidays who love animals, there are two zoos that you can visit in Paris. In the Musée National d'Histoire Naturelle, there is a mini-zoo inside the city’s botanical garden. This is the world’s oldest zoo, built in 1974 - and it has managed to retain its original appearance. It housed animals from the royal menagerie at Versailles, as well as animals rescued from street entertainers. It also includes a unique and fascinating micro-zoo full of microscopic animals. There is a larger zoo run by the same people in the Bois de Vincennes, which is also worth a look. Animal lovers will also love a leisurely ride down Main Street in Disneyland in a vintage, turn-of-the-century streetcar pulled by a set of magnificent Percheron horses.

The lesser-known Parc Astérix is found close to Disneyland. It's worth a visit for a history lesson. - the theme running through the park is taken from the classic Uderzo and Goscunny comic books about a tribe of ancient Gauls resisting Roman occupation. The park includes some interesting rides modelled on ancient Greek and Roman themes, the star of which is Europe’s largest wooden rollercoaster. The magic that characterises Disneyland, however, has not quite reached as far as the Parc Astérix - it's great fun but it doesn’t create a grin from ear-to-ear like Disneyland does!

Paris is a warm and inviting city to visit, and being only two and a half hours away on the Eurostar from London makes it extremely accessible too. There is plenty to see and do to entertain and educate everyone in Paris, but the star attraction for families will always be the magic and excitement that is Disneyland.