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1.0 / 5Poor
"Stay Away!!!!"
I had the unfortunate experience of staying here. Upon arrival I had to sign a 6 page contract with rules and regulations that were absolutely crazy!!! You are not allowed to have any guests come by or anyone cross the doorway for even 5 min without being charged an outrageous amount of money! The castle suite is not near as nice as the pictures. It is freezing upstairs and on the main floor but sweltering hot on the lower level. The bathrooms are terrible to get ready in because the mirrors are sooooo small and have no plugs. The bath towels have seen better days and there wasn't enough of them. There is no maid service so you have to reuse everything for your entire stay. There is only 2 keys for everyone who is staying there and are kept in a lockbox in the ally way (very hard to see at night) The staff was very unfriendly and not helpful at all!!!! Take my advice and stay far away from this hotel!!!!!
Genuine guest review
2 night trip with friends Aug 21, 2015
A Traveler

The following reviews were posted by hotel guests from other countries:

3.0 / 5Good
Genuine guest review
2 night trip with friends Sep 29, 2015
A Traveler
5.0 / 5Outstanding
Genuine guest review
2 night trip with friends Dec 4, 2015
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Overall Rating
"Excellent palce"
02/29/16 Elena K Toronto, Canada
It is an excellent place to stay! we spend two nights (one in a suite and one in a castle). we really enjoyed it! all rooms are clean. all rooms decorated differently. pool is amazing. It is a good place to have a party!
Overall Rating
"Bad Experience"
01/26/16 nicinic ontatio
We had the unfortunate experience of staying at the Montreal Castle this summer. To start I will talk about the castle and all the things that were wrong with it. The basement has a pool and a bedroom, the bedroom is so hot because of the pool we needed two fans (loud fans) to try to keep the room below 85. In order to keep the lower levels somewhat cool we had to have the air conditioning on so the main floor was freezing. The bathroom for the master is on a different floor and only has 2 very tiny mirrors and the small bathroom that had a decent mirror had no plugs. The shower turned on and off the entire weekend on its own. The lighting was also terrible. Do not plan on staying here with 10 people, it only has 4 beds and the pull out in the one room is horrible. It is better to sleep on the couch. There were cracks in the walls, and the place had a very cold feel to it. Everything I have listed was not even as bad as the treatment we received. We were a group of 10 women who barely spent any time at the castle because we were in Montreal to shop, sight see and eat out. When we got there we were asked for a $3500.00...yes you read that right... A $3500.00 security deposit. We were told that if we had any "guests" enter the castle we would be charged $300.00 per guest. We had people enter the castle for the following reasons... -Our neighbours came to the door for 5 minutes to exchange numbers so we could meet up for a drink -Our neighbours brought one of the girls home (in the castle for 3 minutes) because she left on her own and they made sure she got home safe -Our neighbour returned a cell phone and was there for 1 minute. -A cab driver returned shoes that were left in a taxi. We had no parties, we were barely there and we were respectful of ALL the rules. We did have a guest and had no problem paying for that. The owner was unwilling to refund the $3500.00 because he said we had people enter the castle that were not on the list. It went from having guests to "anyone crossing the front door". We had to get a Lawyer involved and also the credit card company. Please please please do not stay at this place, what these people did to us was very wrong.
Overall Rating
"Don't recommend! !!"
01/22/16 A P Milton
This awesome fun girls weekend in beautiful old Montreal ended up being a nightmare! Yes the place looks great in photographs; however once you take a closer look there are many problems and downsides to the property. Unfortunately with the outrageous security deposit of $3500 which the website stated $1000 and contract that you are basically forced to sign upon arrival (it was pages upon pages of reading legal stuff it was like signing your life away) you start to panic and pinpoint all of the things that were wrong. My room was in the basement which was about 85-90 degrees in August, sleeping was unbearable. There was basically no climate control in the castle, downstairs was boiling and upstairs was freezing. For the amount of money it cost you would think there would some nice towels - nope, seen better towels in a roadside motel. The lighting isn't very good and there were very few mirrors in the place with outlets nearby for 10 people to get ready. The view on the rooftop was spectacular however it's quite a climb to the top and the fridge up there was broken so keeping cocktails chilled was a problem. Also the decking is in need of repair, nails are popping and boards are rotting. There was no housekeeping what so ever and you were expected to leave the place neat and tidy, last time I checked that's not how a hotel works. They charged $300 for every person who walked in the door who wasn't on the contact which was outrageous since the people who had come in the front door were there for less than 5 minutes and dropping things off. For instance a taxi driver dropped off someone's shoes and a cell phone and they charged us for that crazy! Since we were flying we had left alcohol in the fridge (Grey Goose and expensive champagne) and they said that was in violation of the contract. I wish we had given it to a homeless person instead, totally ungrateful. We followed all of the rules, kept the music to a minimum and were out every night and they tried to say we were disruptive to the neighbour's. Only neighbour we saw was on the rooftop and he waved to us. Old Montreal is a blast but there was nothing special about the treatment we received from this place. It's a money grab scam! Don't get caught up in staying in a castle like we did. It's not worth the lawyers fees. 0/5 but had to rate a 1 to submit. The owner will claim that my review is a sham because it sounds like a few others posted but there were 10 of us on this trip and all of our individual reviews should be heard!
Overall Rating
01/12/16 wmn18 Ontario, Canada
A group of 10 of my closest friends were excited to spend a glamourous weekend away in Old Montreal this past summer. We booked flights from Toronto at a decent price and decided to splurge on this “castle” to ensure that during this trip, we were treated like queens. Old Montreal was a fabulous place to visit, however our lodging at Old Montreal Castle & Suites was less than royal. Some lowlights are: • Cameras watching at all times • Forced to pay $3500 security deposit, which is a total cash grab (deposits usually mean that you have the option to have it returned…this was clearly not the case, in our experience) • Forced to sign a contract, providing each individual’s name, which also indicated that no additional people would enter the suite or a $300 charge would be applied. We later learned that “enter” included standing at the doorway (ie: cab driver dropping off shoes that were left in the taxi, as well as a non-registered guest walking up to the door to ensure one of the ladies made it home safely late at night) • Employees were unfriendly, rude and demanding on the phone and in person • Upon arrival, broken fixtures and cracked walls were found throughout the suite • Not enough beds for our party (pullout couches provided, however were too small and VERY uncomfortable) • Not enough towels provided (for the few that were, there weren’t enough hooks to hang them (daily maid service was not provided, therefore additional/fresh towels were not available) • No closet hangers were provided • Poor internal climate (upstairs was freezing and downstairs was sweltering) • Rooftop terrace had a beautiful view, however was less than ideal (fridge was broken & the deck was dangerous - nails popping out of the wood, broken boards, rusty handrails, etc) • Upon leaving, we ensured that the place was left tidy and clean. This included a $100 UNOPENED bottle of champagne in the fridge. Since we were travelling by plane & were “carrying-on”, the bottle could not be transported. It was left for the staff as a little treat. We were then given a “treat” in return when they included that as a violation of the contract/security deposit. I WILL NOT be recommending this establishment to ANYONE. It’s not worth the additional cost and aggravation.
Overall Rating
"Would Not Recommend...."
01/12/16 cfinn77 Milton, Canada
Ladies weekend away left with sour taste due to staying at this place. Upon arriving and checking out the place, quickly started making notes on the contract of issues; no hangers in the closets, walls cracked, towel holder broken with hand towel on the floor, not enough towels for all guests, rooftop patio had broken boards . The place in general just had a cold feeling. As we had 10 ladies, some had to sleep on uncomfortable sofa beds or the main couch in the dining room due to the bedroom in the basement with the pool being too hot. We had 1 lady read the contract at length and took pictures. The rules were communicated concerning the additional costs so we were all aware. As the weekend progressed we all made an effort to ensure no additional people were "in" the place. We later found out that we were being charged for several people being "in" the driver dropping off shoes, individual dropping off cell phone, we didn't consider these people as being "in". In the end, what was supposed to be a great weekend away resulted in additional charges to be paid and lawyers involved. I will NOT recommend this place to friends or family.
Overall Rating
"Love this place"
01/11/16 212trekker New York City, New York
Confortable & Clean accommodation with a FANTASTIC customer service – This is the Chateau in old port. Parking $45 for two cars, internet $10 by night which is very reasonable. We enjoyed our stay and absolutely recommend this hotel.
Overall Rating
"Great place for 8 adults"
01/11/16 David M
We had an awesome time and used the Kings table for a great castle cooked meal.....great setting and very well maintained. Yes I would book this again. You have to plan on spending time down in the nice warm pool.
Overall Rating
"Canada Trip"
01/11/16 Tiago S
Perfect location for exploring Montreal area. The castle itself is in a very good location, less than a 5-minute walk of everything. The room was very big and clean. The staff is friendly and always trying to make a memorial stay. We definitely stay here again. Love it!!
Overall Rating
01/11/16 loves2travel1965 Gatineau, Canada
Stayed at the Castle with 7 friends and we had an amazing time. Once we arrived we left our food with the check in lady and she was so sweet. She brought all our food items to the kitchen placed them in the fridge for us. She was very friendly and explained the contract in great details with me. She provided emergency numbers and advised on what was allowed and not allowed. As we walked in the grand staircase was so impressive and we were like children. We ran through (great workout - I believe there was a million stairs) the entire castle and every room was impressive. There were 3 bedrooms (closed in rooms - meaning with a door) + 1 on the upper floor overlooking the kitchen and family room. We chose the one on the upper floor and it was the most comfortable bed I have stayed in in a long time. My other guests said that the other 3 beds were as well comfortable. The place was immaculate (clean, warm, and decorations were well thought out). We spent our time in the pool and whirlpool and the water was perfect temperature. We played cards (they have the chips and cards) at the pool area where they had a pool table and poker table. I really do not have anything negative to say. It was lots of fun and we were very well received by the hostess. Thanks again, Castle Enthusiast.
Overall Rating
"Nice looking once inside!"
01/05/16 jlgsgirl Groton, Connecticut
It was quite big at 6,000 square feet. We did the castle so we got the pool and hot tub as well. Pool water was on the cooler side and took some getting used to but knew that going in from some of the other reviews I have read. The hot tub felt so nice and was so amazing! If the pool water felt like the hot tub I could have stayed in the pool all night! Some things to know about the castle: Hard getting in and out of pool and hot tub (should have a step stool) Total of two towels in four bathrooms Master bedroom has tub and shower with two showerheads Shared bathroom in two rooms by the entranceway (only bathtub, no shower) Bedroom in basement has three showerheads. Eight towels in basement. TV in Master Bedroom is attached to bed so easy to see in bed. Power strip in Master Bedroom on one side of bed, but no way to plug in anything for other side of bed (such as a cellphone) TVs in other bedrooms attached to wall and cannot be easily seen in bed. No privacy in Master Bedroom as it is designed into a loft in the living room/kitchen. A lot of light switches w/ no guide as to what they operated. Made it difficult to turn lights off at night when ready to go to bed. All toilets flush differently Sinks in Master Bath will splash all over if water is turned on too strongly We had to take out our own trash from kitchen to trash cans out back $1,000 Canadian Dollar deposit charged to your credit card. When refunded, Visa 1% international transaction fee is lost for people from US. They had a balcony on the top level but it was closed for the season. A ton of steps so not a place for personnel who are disabled. Had artificial fireplace down in dining room area that worked by a timer. There was another fireplace in the Master Bedroom that we were not taught how to activate so it sat unused. If you purchase wifi, there are three routers throughout the house. There was nothing with a strong signal for the master bedroom. The remainder of the areas we went throughout the room seemed to have decent signal.
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