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Annabergstraße 1, Bad Duerkheim, RP, 67098, Germany, ‏‎800-491-6126 reviewsTripAdvisor reviews
4.5 / 5Excellent

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4.0 / 5Excellent
"empfehlenswertes Hotel"
statt Doppelzimmer - wie gebucht - erhielten wir vor Ort ein abgrade d.h. eine Juniorsuite, sehr schön und komfortabel.
Genuine Expedia guest review
Other trip Oct 20, 2013
A Traveler
5.0 / 5Outstanding
"Das Hotel ist sehr schön in den Weinbergen gelegen"
Wir haben den Aufenthalt in der Pfalz sehr genossen. Wir hatten ein DZ gebucht und eine Suite erhalten. Das Servicepersonal im Restaurant war spitze.
Genuine Expedia guest review
Other trip Oct 11, 2013

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Overall Rating
"Could be good"
12/23/15 Hannelore H Bedford, United Kingdom
This hotel has some plusses but more minuses. On arrival we met a waitress to check us in and found no record of the booking. I showed the print out of their email. They did have a suite which we found later not surprising. On the Saturday night only 4 rooms could have been occupied. On the Sunday we were on our own, on the Monday we were joined by a single and a group of business men. For a four star hotel the breakfast was poor. There was enough meat, cheese and good fresh rolls, but apart from the last day no fresh fruit or yoghurt. Eggs were cooked to order if you wanted them. The restaurant menu was seasonal, but the dessert was appalling. Something that should have been warm was still cold from the fridge. The prices were high for the standard. This also goes for the hotel. The outside is run down. The first thing on looking out from our bedroom window were 2 old white caravans. Our room was large if slightly old fashioned. It and the bathroom was clean, but the quality of the towels was poor. They were thin and frayed. Overall it is a feeling what could be. The situation of the hotel in the vineyard is lovely, but everything else leaves a lot to be desired. When we payed we were advised that the present tenants were leaving at the end of the month, the hotel closed until March and completely renovated. It needs it, but it also needs to look at the price. We have stayed at the Kallstadter Hof and only went to the Annaberg because we could not get in. The difference between the two hotels is enormous.
Overall Rating
"Really great hotel right next to vineyards - good for events !"
06/29/14 AnniCatti
I came her for a bigger family all day birthday celebration and had the best time ! We were able to take a wine tasting trip through the vineyard right next door ! Even though it was raining, we always had a nice athomsphere in the hotel. During the day we celebrated on the terasse with some finger food. At night we had we had a nice dinne in their old wine cellar. Two rooms and one was perfect for a band. Really nice lighting , enough space (could imagine a wedding here - nice set up with round tables ). Rooms were really nice and spacey with a huge bathroom with a big tub. Breakfast was really good as well ! Literally everything you could wish for was there ( muesli, freshly cut fruit, all kinds of buns and bread, eggs, bacon, different kinds of tea, juice, coffee and and and !) Staff was also nice ! They do have some bigger events in town so I can imagine prices vary and they might be booked out from time to time !
Overall Rating
"Perfect for a romantic getaway... (suite review)"
04/21/14 Blue_the_Cat Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
... but not really suitable for travelling with young children. My six year old could not reach the tap or the soap; there was a chair was in the bathroom but she fell once while washing her hands. Also, the rooms are in different buildings around the main one, and there is no elevator (except to some of the rooms in the main building). To get from the parking to the reception you need to take a flight of stairs - and there is no elevator - while this is not a problem for a couple, for me travelling with my daughter and my mother was a challenge. Mom loved the setting, with vineyards all around, and the room was roomy, clean and charming - but not very practical. There was enough storage room. The room was under the roof and had no view - not a problem in our case, as we were out the entire day.The bathroom had a spacious shower. The heating was working properly. We had included in our reservation a free entry to Salinarium swimming pool and that was the highlight of the visit in the region - I can warmly recommend it, for both families and couples (budget half a day for it). Service: The service was not bad, but also not very pro-active, we had to ask for everything, including for things included in the reservation (like the entry to Salinarium, or the internet access). I had better service (proactive, like staff asking at check-in if we will use Internet and if yes, providing the details on breakfast and dinning times and location without waiting to be asked) in 2 star transit hotels. Also, while I have reserved via Jetair a room advertised for 2-4 people (35 sq. m) for a party of three, only two single beds (arranged to look like a double bed) were in the room, and the staff was a bit surprised when I asked for the third bed. Eventually, a foldable bed was provided - was comfortable so nothing to complain in terms of comfort, but I would have expected to have it already in the room! Also, the exact same room is advertised on as a 25 sq.m suite (and I would say that was the real size). When I went to the reception to say that I think we were given the wrong room, I was told there is no other room available and the foldable bed was provided. At least staff at the reception spoke English. Restaurant: we had half-board; breakfast was varied and plentiful, dinner was ok but nothing special. Some of the waiters spoke fluent English, while the others not at all, and they were rotating - once I asked for an empty plate and got instead butter - was more funny than annoying. Internet: disconnecting every 2-3 minutes, had to sign in again - a pain to even check the e-mails
Overall Rating
"The best restaurant in the area"
12/01/12 Lorenzo f Genoa, Italy
This is one of the few ambitious restaurants in the area that are worth their price. The cooks are creative and do not rely on "mediterranisches flair" crap to please the customers. The ingredients are top notch. The service is very attentive. The setting is beautiful. This review is about the restaurant, not about the hotel, which we don't know.
Overall Rating
"Location is wine romantic pure / Logis no where near perfection."
09/20/12 Arions
I stayed at the Anaberg while attending a wine seminar which was a true delight. For wine lovers this is a great romantic location placed right in the mid section of the Anaberg Vineyard. The check-in was easy and at the same time not very profi-like as a waitress from the restaurant checked me in while the reception worker was on a break or otherwise busy. The double room suite which I stayed in was okay but in need of repair, some of the wall paper was dog eared, stained from water, or coming off the wall. One highlight was a huge bathtub, I ended up just showering as I was so tired I did not want to fall asleep in the tub, the tub was truely huge! The bathroom all together was much more than I had expected so good job to the owners here! I must say the bed was sooo comfi, I could have slept another 12 hours had I not had an appointment in the morning. The sofa in the suite on the other hand was made out of a wooden mesh and not comfortable at all after sitting longer than 10 minuts the circulation to the legs just stops... There were 2 flatscreen T.V.s in the suite 1 in the bedroom and 1 in the livingroom. The one in the bedroom did not work properly so I tried to watch the one in the living room which worked but after my legs fell asleep again from the painfull sofa I just went to bed without watching all of the news. There was no minibar in the room which is too bad, I would have drinken another wine before going to bed but did not feel like going back to the bar. It would have been nice to have a restaurant menu in the room but this was also not the case, not to mention that roomservice as far as I could see was not an option....too bad, I might have eaten more for dinner as after traveling 7 hours by train from Berlin was hungry but wanted to be alone after being on the full train all day. I ended up having a superb consume with pistacio dumplings on the terrace which was delightfull, but I was not offered bread with it which is a no go in all western cultures. My cutlery was also placed directly on the dirty top of the terrace table and a nice cloth napkin besides, this makes no sence at all. Why not place the napkin on the table and then the cutlery on the napkin? Had I wanted to know what the dirty terrace table top tasted like I would have simply licked it! Therfore in my opinion kitchen great, service not. As a Food and Beverage Manager I know I am a bit picky but come on, these are basics. Breakfast is only between the hours of 07:00-10:00 which in a big city would be another no go but here it seems to work as most guests here are not corporates but rather leisure. Three Herrn which seemed to be part of the management (but may not have been) were seated at a table as I entered the restaurant, other than these men and myself there was nobody in the restaurant I said in German good morning but only got a strange curt look as I selected my own table for breakfast. This is also a no go, it would have been much nicer to be greated by a person at the door and taken to a table, a "Guten Morgen" how did you sleep anything would have been nice. Instead strange looks and silence which one would not expect in a more landly region... When the breakfast waiter came he was stressed and simply asked for my room number, then offered me coffee. Had I been offered a cappucino, latte machiato etc. I would have gladly paid extra for this but as I was not asked I drank the terrible filter coffee. The breakfast buffet was standard with all segments: muslix,fruits, jellys, sausages, eggs, cold cuts, cheese variations, etc...The only less than good product which I tasted myself was from a basket of jelly filled burned coissants, they were so dark at first I thought they were some kind of local speciality but noticed after tasting they had just been in the oven too long. The waiter was alone, that said there were less than 15 guests which should be doable for 1 waiter but the waiter seemed very stressed, I don't know maybe he was cooking in the kitchen as well.?! The seminar which I attended here was great, but mostly because the trainer was super, one highlight was having the wine seminar in an old wine cellar which was set up as a conference room. The coffee breaks and lunch were okay, but the hotel staff seemed not truely interested in creating a special guest experience. I got the impression that as my conference group were all hotel industry trained workers or managers, the staff seemed to be afraid of us....this is never good, you must never be afraid of your guest but embrace them as one would a friend. Check out was fast and to the point but with no heart. I will only return here to attend possible seminars but if in Bad Dürkheim will look for a different hotel for Logis. I could imagin this hotel might be nice for families doing a wine vineyard hike tour or seniors with lots of time and less than high expectations, but not for corporates. I truely hope the owners and management read this and consider coming up with a heart felt service standard and concept for Anaberg, the location of this hotel give it so much potential. A person without a heart will die, this is also true of a hotel and restaurant.
Overall Rating
"Nice address to stay"
08/22/12 FoppevM Zuidlaren, The Netherlands
We really liked this hotel. Rooms are Ok (our room had the windows very high, not really a view) beds and reception excellent. Restaurant is worth a detour but wines not really special. Situated outside Bad Durkheim, the view from the front gate is great. Good price-quality.
Overall Rating
03/28/12 bythebaytoday Vancouver, Canada
We had booked this hotel well in advance and were confirmed a Junior Suite. Having looked through the website, we were happy with this choice as the lower priced rooms looked a bit older and more basic and not what we were looking for. When we arrived the woman at the desk checked or reservation that we had printed off from email etc. happily handed us a room key and sent us on our way. As we were walking to our room, all my red flags went off. The hallways were worn and old, the room had been updated at some point but really was not to my standards, nor to the standards of the price we were paying. Even the bed sheets were worn and frayed in several spots. The room was small and had a window at the top of the wall so you could barely even look out. We immediately went back to the front desk to ask how this was possibly the junior suite we had booked. The woman who had booked us in was in a back room and another person had to deal with us. We had to wait for awhile as he went back to talk to the manager etc. Turns out the woman had messed up and had given the Junior Suite away. Then booked us into the most basic room and was still charging us the Junior Suite price! Sadly I cannot speak the language, but I wished I could at this point. We were given a larger basic room with a balcony because no Junior Suites were left. The room was again not to my standards - worn and frayed sheets again, hallway carpet was dirty. The room just did not feel clean to me. We had the price reduced to what it should have been. Then the next night they managed to get us into a Junior Suite. This was exactly what we thought we would have been booked into. It is very modern. Very lovely and clean. If this had been our first experience then all would have been fine. Mistakes are made, this is part of life but if we had been told this upfront, had the price reduced, upfront, and it explained and perhaps some sort of compensation for the problems then it would have been more acceptable. I do not like that some people/places try to take advantage of what they hope will be people who won't complain and just accept something like this. That is not fair. Also, I was disappointed for the fact that this was a HUGE error on their part and I did expect a bit more in the way of compensation to make us happy - either a price reduction for every night we stayed there - not just the first night, or a free meal or something. It was a big whoops to begin with (giving our room away when we were not even late to check in and had confirmed etc.). And, then lying to us and charging the full rate - huge issue I'd say. There are nicer places in this area and sadly the whole series of events have led us to not return here again. If you do go: Book one of the higher level rooms like the Junior Suite - when you look online you will see the pictures and it is obviously worth the extra money. If you don't care about what your room looks like then a regular room will probably be okay. Make reservations for dinner the day before. We failed to do so on one night that they were having a reduced service due to a wedding party and were told we could not have food there unless we had reserved the night before! (We would have been happy with just soup and an appy)... however, the young man at the front desk gave us a great recommendation and booked it for us etc, gave us great directions and we had a lovely evening elsewhere.
Overall Rating
"Pleasant hotel in lovely countryside near the town of Bad Durkheim"
12/19/07 inaworld netherlands
We ended up at Hotel Annaberg unexpected and what a pleasant surprise it worked out to be. Good beds, good food and correct friendly staff.
Overall Rating
"Good Hotel in a Great Region"
08/05/07 Ken_LAF USA
My travel to the area was for work in Ludwigshafen. Having spent time in the corporate hotels in Mannheim - switching to the Hotel Annaberg was a perfect change. The drive to LU is acceptable (20 minutes on the autobahn). Rooms are modern and spacious. The hotel sits in the middle of a vineyard - so evening walks are great. At night it is quiet. Even when it's hot - you stay pretty cool in the rooms. The countryside is beautiful - Bad Duerkheim is a very short drive away. The restaurant on the property is very good. Breakfast is bountiful with a good assortment of breads, fruits, eggs, meat and cheese. Dining at the Annaberg ifor dinner is a treat. The menu is varied and dishes prepared and served creatively. The only negative is the limited internet access. Wireless is available (for free) but reception outside of the main lobby area is weak. Since I was here on business - the internet access was a problem. It just meant I had to sit in the lobby where the staff invariably offered coffee (very nice).
Overall Rating
"Tolles, vornehmes Hotel mit gutem essen"
11/12/15 Hans-Jürgen S
Wir waren drei Tage dort und haben uns super erholt....Sehr schöne Zimmer und ein tolles Restaurant...Wir hatten ein zimmer mit Blick in die rheinebene... Ein Traum. ..Sehr sauber ist das ganze Hotel. ..
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