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Scotland’s showcase city is a quintessential tartan experience with its Military Tattoo, fringe festival and notorious New Year’s Eve to the sound of pipes. Edinburgh’s craggy landscape and mystical castle add a touch of romance to this Forthside city. You’ll certainly want to stop here during a tour of Scotland.

Hotels in Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s hotel rates are a tad higher than other parts of the country, and if you’re planning to attend the Tattoo, Festival or New Year’s celebration, book well in advance. From ancient inns to 5-star hotels, the city has it all.

There is a nice balance in the city between home-style, guesthouses with crackling fires and complimentary cuppas, and more luxurious hotels offering up spa treatments and heated swimming pools. It all depends on how deep your pockets are. The Apex Waterlook Place Hotel is a great example of a luxury pad with the fanciest of trimmings.

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The Old Town is where you’ll find most of the popular landmarks, restaurants, and the widest range of accommodation. There are many smaller inns and hostels. Haymarket, on the west end of Edinburgh, is further from the center and marches to a family slow drum. Therein lies the appeal, especially for families who appreciate the chance to pop in and out of the busy city center at their leisure.

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