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If you’re looking for a family-friendly vacation, Orlando is just the place. Home to Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld, and with the Walt Disney World Resort just a stone’s throw away, Orlando’s hotels are the perfect base for exploring Florida’s world famous theme parks.

When to go to Orlando

Orlando enjoys two distinct seasons – wet (from May to October) and dry (November to April) and can be affected by tropical storms. The winters are mild, with temperatures dropping no lower than 70° F; summers can be hot and humid and the region is prone to hurricanes in September.

How to get to Orlando

The city’s largest air hub is Orlando International Airport (MCO), while European charter flights operate from Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB). Downtown Orlando can be reached from the airports by shuttle bus. The rental car market thrives in Orlando, with many vacation packages offering Fly-Drive deals. The Lynx bus network operates routes across the Orlando area, and train services run to New York City and Miami.

What to see in Orlando

The city’s main tourist strip, International Drive, features some of the best known Orlando attractions. Universal Orlando Resort draws visitors from all around the globe and contains two theme parks: Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures. SeaWorld offers thrilling rides, as well as animal exhibits and displays. Walt Disney’s World Resort, located just over 20 miles southwest of Orlando at Lake Buena Vista is home to globally recognized attractions such as the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

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Hotels.com offers a great range of accommodations in Orlando, from cheap hotels to 5 star hotels. Search for hotels in International Drive, downtown hotels or hotels near Universal Studios and book your holiday directly with us.

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