Virginia is for Lovers [Infographic]

Virginia is for Lovers [Infographic]

10th Jul 2012

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Virginia is for Lovers - an Infographic by

Virginia was first declared the place for lovers back in 1969. The state motto: “Virginia is for Lovers” actually grew out of a marketing campaign to try and draw more people to the state. Originally, the advertising team intended to use a series of slogans, covering many unique aspects that might appeal to different types of tourists.

The idea was to launch a campaign that told the world that “Virginia is for History Lovers” to attract those interested in historically important sites, and then they would expand to “Virginia is for Beach Lovers” and highlight the gorgeous beaches open to the public. Theoretically, this kind of campaign could continue to grow, but it was still perceived as too limiting.

The answer was to discard the idea of a series and simply focus on one single concept: “Virginia is for Lovers.” Rather than targeting historians, beach goers, or anyone else with a specific interest, they decided to broaden their scope and really increase the number of people travelling to the state.

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