Trip Your Face to New York City by

Trip Your Face to New York City by

13th Mar 2012

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If you haven’t yet experienced our hub for an interactive experience beginning in one of three cities infamous for their tourist allure now is the time. Tied into Facebook to make your digital journey personal by a quick Facebook photo upload and up to three profile photos of friends to join in the remembrance of the disastrous night you just took part in. is the customizable content experience from that allows you to put yourself and some friends into some… interesting situations. The experience begins by choosing one of three destinations – New York, Paris, or Las Vegas:

Select One of Three Cities for Trip Your Face by

Once you have selected your city you’re brought to a check in counter and begin of your virtual hotel with up to three other friends.

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 Things really start to happen when you wake up the next day.

What Happens in New York…

Would probably stay in New York if it wasn’t so easy to share the experience on Facebook and Twitter. In this case, your journey begins when you select the New York hotel stay. You will be checked in by a very friendly and courteous person at the counter, where you can specify how many of your friends will be joining you. allows you to select up to three of your friends’ profile pictures from Facebook to accompany you for the evening.

The friendly and courteous counter person will then hand over the keycard and when you finally enter your room, everything still seems to be normal. But when you wake up on the following day, you may be a little surprised by the scene.

The entire room looks like it has been hit with a tornado – but a tornado that left money, bottles, and glasses all over the floor. One might start to wonder what’s up with the overturned bucket of chicken and power drill on the coffee table, but that would assume one was ignoring the man with a bag over his head and tied to a chair, an anxious and armed gangster gazing out the window, and a couple sets of extra legs sprawled on the floor that don’t seem willing or able to move anymore.

New York City - Trip Your Face Experience by

What did you do last night?!

With no apparent memory of what brought about this state of affairs, the only way you’re going to find out is through the video flashbacks that take you step-by-step through the night. This is where the technology used by TripYourFace makes things a little more interesting.

When you check in with your friends, you will be asked to upload your picture and the profile pictures of up to three others which will then be superimposed on the characters in the videos. The site offers a few tools that let you scale, rotate, and size the image, place the facial marker for tracking, and adjust the color to make sure it fits the general ambiance of the clip.

Now it’s time to find out what really happened. What exactly did you get involved with on your “innocent” trip to New York?

Anything Can Happen in New York

The flashback videos show the scenarios, clearly involving you and your friends, that led to the current state of the hotel room. Turns out you and your friends have taken the opportunity to get involved with some shady characters in New York. But what is life without a little excitement and danger?

Of course, an adventure like this only gets more fun when you can share it with others. Once you have gone through all the videos and reconstructed what went on the night before, you will be able to tag your friends that made an appearance in the video and let them preview it through Twitter and Facebook. is a fun way to have the kind of trip with your friends that most of us will probably never see in real life (which may or may not be a very good thing). There are three different cities to experience beginning with New York.  Start your experience by clicking on the image below:Start Your Trip Your Face Experience Now by






This post written by Joselyn Seifer.

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