Travel Personalities – Which Are You?

Travel Personalities – Which Are You?

10th Jan 2012


Have you noticed how two people can go on the exact same trip and come away with completely different experiences? No matter where we go or what we do when we get there, our individual travel personalities will influence how we view the whole experience. Understanding our personalities, then, is a great way to make sure our travel plans meet our expectations.

Travel personalities are also important when you are cruising around the world with friends and family, or you expect to meet a lot of new people along the way. People often behave differently while they are travelling than they normally would, and if you can spot the signs of these personality types, you may find it easier to interact with them in different situations.

There are many different personality types, and a spectrum of people within each type, but by understanding some of the more common traits (and where you might fit into them), you may find it easier to plan the trips that are right for you.

  1. The Scheduler – These are the travelers that need to know exactly what is going to happen every moment of the trip. They understand that travel time is limited, and they don’t want to let any of it go to waste.
  2. The Worrier – There are countless things that can go wrong on a trip, and the Worrier will plan and re-plan for every possible contingency. Of course, they also understand that they have an impossible job, and can find it hard to relax.
  3. The Explorer – Travelers who wants to see new things and meet new people will have difficulties with guided tours and pre-set schedules. These are the people who want to see the things “normal tourists” never will.
  4. The Insider – No matter where you go, this personality seems to already know everything about the culture and the people. It’s hard to say where their insider information came from, but they are very quick to share it.
  5. The Souvenir Hunter – The only way for these travelers to prove they’ve been somewhere is to go home with the T-shirt – or the hat, or the collectable spoon, or that strange statue carved from something resembling rock.
  6. The Penny Pincher – Trips are expensive, and these travelers want see going over the budget akin to leaving the clearly-marked trail. In other words, you could cause a lot of erosion and might get attacked by wile animals.
  7. The Anti-Planner – Much like the Explorer, the Anti-Planner believes that schedules only ruin the experience. They want to fly by the seat of their pants, rely on last minute hotel deals, and let the world surprise them.
  8. The Exclusives – For some travelers, only the best will do. These are the personalities who only stay in the best hotels and dine in the finest restaurants, and they enjoy having a very controlled experience.

Of course, you can mix and match a lot of these personality types, and some people will vary between extreme or moderate displays of these characteristics, but understanding where you fit into these travel personalities will help you get more out of your trips.

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