The 3 G’s of a Bachelor Party Vacation

The 3 G’s of a Bachelor Party Vacation

22nd May 2012

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Planning the perfect bachelor party is a serious responsibility that traditionally falls to the Best Man, but there has been a recent trend toward alternative parties, with a lot of guys just going camping or fishing to celebrate the end of their bachelor status. If, however, you are of the type that has always looked forward to something a little more traditional, then you must always consider the 3 G’s of a proper bachelor party vacation: the Getaway, Gambling, and Girls.

The Getaway

Whatever else a bachelor party vacation is, it ought to be memorable. If you’re just surrounding yourself with the same locations, people, and activities, the weekend will pass and the experience will be utterly forgettable. If, on the other hand, you go someplace new, and try something completely different, you can really celebrate the inevitable change in marital status in style.

Of course, the getaway serves a couple other purposes as well. This is the chance for you to put some distance between yourself and the mundane aspects of everyday life. You may or may not have a lot of opportunities to do this in the future, so get away from it now and make the most of your time. Even if your bachelor party isn’t filled with the traditional debauchery and hazy memories, take the chance on something new.

Some of the most popular bachelor party cities include New Orleans, New York, Tijuana, Key West and, of course, Las Vegas. Choose your location carefully, and remember: the further away you are, the less likely rumors of your activities will make it back.

The Gambling

Whether you’re playing poker with your buddies or trying your luck on the blackjack tables at a casino, gambling in some form or another is a traditional part of many bachelor parties. If your vacation destination just happens to be filled with bright lights, deceptively good odds, and someone always nearby to keep the drinks reviled, well then so much the better.

One has to wonder, though, exactly how gambling became such a standard part of a bachelor party. What is about the chance to make a fortune or lose it all at the whims of fate that makes this such an appealing pastime? Perhaps it’s the implied metaphor…

The Girls

This is, depending on your perspective, the best or the worst part of any bachelor party vacation. The girls are by far the most well-known tradition, and almost anyone will immediately associate the party with the inclusion of women in some capacity. Cities like Las Vegas and New Orleans make this easy, of course, which is why they are so often identified as the ideal bachelor party cities. Whether the party is going to involve going out to see exotic dancers or hiring someone to visit the room, this is the part that a lot of guys love and a lot of fiancés hate.

Just remember, despite what they say, what happens in Vegas does not, in fact, always stay in Vegas. No matter how many times you remind your buddies that there are no pictures allowed (you won’t have to dispose of the evidence if it doesn’t exist in the first place), someone, somehow, is going to bring record of your activities back home. You’re going to have to face your fiancé again sooner or later, so if you don’t want to deal with an ongoing series of suspicious looks, be very aware of boundaries and understand that if she takes a bachelorette party weekend, she may feel that turnaround is fair play.

This post written by Joselyn Seifer.

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The 3 G's of a Bachelor Party Vacation