Travel Advice: Spend Less and See More


Traveling can be a wonderful adventure to new countries, cultures and experiences; however one thing always seems to stand in the way of starting our next adventure. The cost of traveling can be expensive and while we wish we could travel, bills and other expenses tend to take priority. So how can we travel while seeing more of the world and spending less? There are five simple tasks that can be done to save money while fully embracing your destination and travel experience.


There are over 40 countries with commonly exchanged currencies, making exchange fees big money for companies looking to make an income off of travelers. If you are traveling to a place where you will need to exchange money, be weary of commissions and exchange fees. Most travelers exchange their money once they are in the airport of their intended destination, but airports tend to have the highest exchange fees and we’re sure there are better things you’ll want to spend your traveling budget on.

To avoid high fees, call your bank a few days before leaving for your trip and let them know you’d like to exchange currencies. Your bank will order in the currency and within a few days you will be able to exchange your cash with lower fees than you’d find anywhere else. Some banks even waive currency fees for their best customers, so be sure to ask if that is possible.

To save money and earn rewards, use a credit card for your more expensive purchases, such as accommodations. Cards with high international reward points and low transaction rates can be a safe and friendly way to save some money and earn points for future trips.

Public Transportation

Many countries have excellent public transportation systems, and by researching ahead of time, you will be able save money and see your destination from the eyes of a local. Renting a car has daily costs and fees, not to mention the cost of gas. Taxis are also expensive and some drivers will “take the long way” to tally up your bill. So avoid all that by using public transit. However, a word of caution, watch out for pickpockets on the public transit systems and keep money in your front pockets.  

Experience Lesser Known Attractions

By seeing the country’s most touristy attractions, you are getting overcharged. Try to limit your trip to one big attraction (think the Eiffel tower) and then visit the lesser known attractions.  By seeking out attractions that are less touristy, you gain a deeper understanding of local culture and save money in the process.

Eat Smart

Eating out can be a very expensive thing while traveling. By seeking out grocery stores, you can make quick meals for an inexpensive cost. If cooking while you travel isn’t your speed, talk to locals about good spots that have local specials and aren’t filled with tourists. Also think about children’s meals, they are less expensive, and tend to be healthier.

If you must eat out and do not want kid portions, eat more during the meals of breakfast and lunch. By doing so, you should be fuller for dinner which is the most expensive meal of the day. By eating less at dinner, you’ll shave off a few dollars.


Vacations are about getting away and exploring new places. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore, relax and enjoy your trip. Any money spent on a trip where you had an amazing experience and returned relaxed is well worth the money spent.

By following a these easy tips, travel expenses will decrease, allowing you to see more while spending less.

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