The Story of the Seattle Space Needle [Infographic]



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The Story of the Seattle Space Needle

One of the most striking architectural accomplishments in the western United States is the Space Needle in Seattle. Originally inspired by the Stuttgart Tower in Germany, Edward E. Carlson first sketched out his version for the 1962 World’s Fair on a napkin. Of course, since it’s hard to get all the necessary details out of a napkin, an architect, John Graham, changed the original “tethered balloon” appearance to the flying saucer that has become so famous.

The Space Needle stands 605 feet tall and was built for just $4.5 million. In the year 2000, though, another $20 million was spent on revitalizing the tower. This included the pavilion level, the SpaceBase retail store, the SkyCity restaurant, and much more. The support for all this runs pretty deep, and the foundations go 30 feet down and 120 feet across. All together it weighs 5,850 tons, which is more than the above-ground portion of the Space Needle. This, however, is one of the reasons why the tower can stand up to a wind velocity of 200 MPH.

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Virginia is for Lovers - an Infographic by

Virginia was first declared the place for lovers back in 1969. The state motto: “Virginia is for Lovers” actually grew out of a marketing campaign to try and draw more people to the state. Originally, the advertising team intended to use a series of slogans, covering many unique aspects that might appeal to different types of tourists.

The idea was to launch a campaign that told the world that “Virginia is for History Lovers” to attract those interested in historically important sites, and then they would expand to “Virginia is for Beach Lovers” and highlight the gorgeous beaches open to the public. Theoretically, this kind of campaign could continue to grow, but it was still perceived as too limiting.

The answer was to discard the idea of a series and simply focus on one single concept: “Virginia is for Lovers.” Rather than targeting historians, beach goers, or anyone else with a specific interest, they decided to broaden their scope and really increase the number of people travelling to the state.

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Infographic about Atlanta Business Travel Trends by

While Atlanta is known for many things its ability to attract and facilitate the needs of high business travel volumes is a key defining factor.

Currently placed at the 7th most visited city in the U.S. for business travel and an increasingly higher rate of international travel coming in, Atlanta appears to be taking on a business hub personality. But much of this is not recent news. Atlanta has had a long standing reputation for housing the corporate head quarters of many large and well known corporations like Home Depot, Coca-Cola and UPS.

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