How Much Would You Pay for a Club Sandwich?


The club sandwich is one of the most common and classic lunch items served at hotels and restaurants all over the world. While these sandwiches have been around since the late 19th century, their actual invention is still subject to some debate. Of course, we don’t have to know where they come from to know they’re worth having.

The name, at least, is commonly believed to come from the popularity of the sandwich at clubs and resorts across the country. Most people believe that it was first created in 1894 at the famous Saratoga Club House in Saratoga New York, and the oldest published recipe showed up in 1903 in the Good Housekeeping Everyday Cook Book.

What’s In a Club?

Since its creation, though, it has continued to develop until it sometimes seems that everyone has their own ideas of what a real club sandwich should include, and there is a lot of variation from region to region. At the very least, to still qualify as a real club sandwich, it must include three pieces of toast, some mayo, and bacon. Everything else is artistic license, and you can find sandwiches filled with turkey, beef, chicken, special sauce, and much more. But as long as you’ve got the bacon, you probably won’t hear many complaints.

Of course, in places like New Orleans you might get something completely different. It’s actually quite difficult to find a classic club sandwich in the Big Easy, with restaurants and hotels serving the local favorite Po’ Boy. This is a type of sub sandwich that developed much the same way as a club – out of the ingredients immediately at hand. The Po’ Boy is served on a New Orleans French bread, and it can be fancy or simple, filled with fried chicken, oysters, crawfish or other local delicacies.

Club Sandwich Price Index for Travel Cost Comparisons by

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The Club Sandwich Index

So you’re heading out on vacation and have found a great hotel deal, but what do you need to budget for your meals? Whether you’re ordering a club or a Po’ Boy, it’s safe to assume the price is going to be different from place to place. The Club Sandwich Index (CSI) was created to help travelers know what they can expect to pay when they venture out into the world. We wanted to make it easy to estimate your lunch budget while away from home.

The CSI average price was calculated by taking the real prices paid by guests for a club sandwich at 1,000 different hotels located in popular travel destinations around the world. By comparing the top ten destinations in the U.S. (according to our Hotel Price Index) we can see what travelers can expect to pay for a classic club sandwich. It probably won’t come as a big surprise that New York ranks as the most expensive sandwich, at $17, but what may be a little unexpected, though, is that the average price in San Diego is actually significantly less, coming in at $10. It is easy to assume that the average lunch prices in these two huge cities would be very similar, but according to the Index, you may not need such a large lunch budget when you visit California.

We may not be able to say for sure who created the club sandwich all those years ago, but we can say that it is a great lunch for travelers all over the world. Just be aware that the ingredients and the price may change from place to place, but as long as they have bacon, you’ll probably be okay.


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