If Santa Stayed In a Hotel, Which Would It Be?


It’s only natural that an aged man who travels for a living would have some very particular expectations from his accommodations. After a very long night of treating everyone else in the world (literally) to some great gifts (assuming they’re on the “good” list), even Santa needs to treat himself to a relaxing stay in quality lodgings, unburdened by the needs of thousands of short, pointy-eared toy makers and letters or emails from countless demanding children.

At the end of another long, hard year, the man could decide to stay almost anywhere, depending on his mood and immediate needs. When a person travels for work, preferences can change depending on the current circumstances and any last minute hotel deals. If Mr. Claus had his choice, though, he would likely go for one of the following:

View of Ritz Carlton Corner Room

The Ritz-Carlton in New York

When all you do is give, sometimes it’s nice to do something special for yourself. The Ritz-Carlton is the epitome of style, class, and elegance, and with its incredible service, this hotel would be just the place for the man in red to leave all his concerns behind. What could be better than unwinding at the Ritz-Carlton’s modern American bistro, gazing out the floor-to-ceiling windows and enjoying the park views, or topping off all those cookies and milk with a world-class desert created by celebrated pastry chefs?



Grand Oasis Caribbean Resort Pool View

Grand Oasis Caribbean Resort in Cancun

Even the jolliest of old elves can only take so much snow and ice in a year. When it’s time to get away from it all, it’s time to head south and soak in enough sun to keep warm the rest of the year. The Grand Oasis is in the Cancun Hotel Zone and offers the kind of all-inclusive vacation a hard-working magical courier deserves. With a spa, a marina, a health club, outdoor pool and waterslide, there’s plenty here for him to enjoy before heading back to the cold up north.



The View of Circus Circus Hotel At Night Outside

Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas

You don’t take a job at the North Pole unless you really love kids. Santa may want to relax at a nice hotel, but he may also want to have some fun that appeals to his own childlike personality. Among the many extravagant hotels in Las Vegas one you can count on to be loud, bright, and fun is Circus Circus. It’s a great place for families because there are plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained, from the elevated indoor theme park to shows featuring trapeze artists and other aerialists. And don’t forget the discount hotel rates and famous Circus Buffet, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. After a hard day’s work, a man needs his food.



The View of The Ice Hotel Entry Way in Sweden

ICEHOTEL in Sweden

You can take a person out of the North Pole, but you can’t take the North Pole out of the person. ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi is located near Kiruna airport in Sweden, and it’s the perfect place for a good northern boy looking for a home away from home. ICEHOTEL is the world’s largest hotel made of ice and snow, and it features two restaurants, a bar and lounge, and even a sauna. This is an unbelievably unique experience for anyone who doesn’t normally reside in ice-covered countries, but for the man himself, this might just provide the kind of comfort he expects.

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