Food Guide To Travel: Hankerin' for a Hamburger?

Food Guide To Travel: Hankerin’ for a Hamburger?

13th Aug 2012

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It may have taken its name from a city in Germany, but the hamburger evolved to its present state of glorious perfection in the United States. Today, you can find fantastic burger joints all across the nation, each with its own special recipe for making a mouth-watering, hamburg-elicious meal.

Food Guide To Travel - Best Hamburger Cities Infographic

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With that in mind, hereís a list of some of our favorite cities to travel to for a large patty of hamburger heaven. Get ready to chow down on some of the best burgers anywhere:


You may think of Philly only as a place to go to get great cheesesteak, but this city also has more than its fair share of tasty places to chow down on outstanding burgers. If you want a classic cheeseburger done right, head down to Butcher & Singer Steakhouse on Walnut Street for the perfect combination of cheddar, onions and dry-aged beef. If youíre more of a gourmet burger fan, ìIron Chefî Jose Garcesí restaurant, Village Whiskey, has just the thing.

Youíll find an amazing 8-ounce Angus that you can top with maple-bourbon glazed cipollini onions and foie gras.


Alongside great barbeque, Houston has some of the best burgers in the United States. The Down House in Greater Heights serves up a little bit of hamburger perfection with its seared longhorn burgers topped with arugula, cheddar and vine ripe tomatoes. Local favorite Hubcap Grill will fill your empty stomach with triple patties and upwards of a full pound of ground beef.

San Diego

San Diego, city of sun and surf, is also home to some amazing burgers. Ask the locals and youíll find that opinions are sharply divided about where to find the ìbestî burger in town, but theyíll likely tell you that you canít go wrong with some of these favorites:

The Linkery in North Park serves up large burgers topped with grilled onion, fried egg, bacon and pineapple. As an added bonus, you can feel good about eating there because the management goes out of their way to source their food from smaller farms. Hodadís in Ocean Beach is another canít-miss with amazingly tender beef and whatever-you-want on top.

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Indianapolis is a bustling city in the middle of Americaís Heartland, so perhaps it comes as no surprise that you can find a great burger joint or two (or twenty) here. Check out Boogie Burger in Broad Ripple Village for a throwback to the 70s and a burger any way you want itófrom classic to Maui style. At the Red Lion Grog House on Virginia Avenue you can find burgers topped with chili, mustard aioli, barbeque sauce, bleu cheese, red peppers or even peanut butter.


Up north in Seattle, you can find delicious burgers served along with an extra helping of creativity. If you are searching for a burger thatís out-of-the-ordinary, try the Lunchbox Laboratory in South Lake Union where youíll find a beefless duck/pork patty creation. If youíre a little more traditional, go for Jakís Grill to find a Nebraska beef burger so big and delicious, youíll need a steak knife to manage it properly.

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Savannah, GA

Find Southern hospitality and a juicy, satisfying hamburger in this Georgia town. Locals swear by B&D Burger and its fresh Angus beef and home-baked buns topped with garden fresh veggies. If youíre feeling more quirky than classic, however, go to the popular Green Truck Pub to find a grass-fed third-pound beef patty accompanied by pimento cheese and bacon.

New York City

No where beats New York City for sheer number and variety of burger joints. Whatís more is that most of these restaurants serve delicious food. Take the famous Shake Shack, for example. Youíll find all-natural beef burgers cooked to medium perfection. In the West Village, the bohemian bar Corner Bistro will serve up the longtime favorite Bistro Burger with cheese and bacon for a mere $8.

Where is your favorite place to grab a burger?

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Food Guide To Travel - Best Hamburger Cities Infographic