5 Places the Dead Travel More than the Living

5 Places the Dead Travel More than the Living

23rd Oct 2012

The world is full of unexplained mysteries, and they can spark the curiosity and imagination in many of us. Ghost stories are one of those things that capture our attention and make us think: “What if?”

Local ghost stories abound – passed from person to person and receiving more details in every telling. Many places all across the country have their haunted houses, their statues that weep when the moon is full, and their hitchhikers that disappear from the back seat of a car after delivering an ominous message. There are a few places, though, where the haunting has reached legendary status, and the dead seem to visit these places even more than the thousands of  travelers who tour them every year. Do you dare visit the following?

Gettysburg Battlefield

The Gettysburg Battlefield is one of the oldest haunted locations in the country. This was the site of one of the bloodiest battles in the country’s history, and nearly 50,000 young men lost their lives here. Without a doubt, this was a scene of violence, death, depression, and fear – i.e. everything you need for a serious haunting.
Visitors report hearing disembodied voices, which is probably not quite as disturbing as the reports of disembodied screams. There have also been many accounts of seeing apparitions appear and disappear, but since they also report interference with cameras and electronic equipment, it’s hard to document the experience.

The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary served as a war ship and then a luxury ocean liner before it was purchased by the city of Long Island and converted into a hotel. When it became haunted is less well known, though, but visitors report feelings of being touched and the chilling, but sure, sense of being watched. Footsteps tread the hallways and faint music or voices (including the cries of babies) are often heard in different room. On many occasions, people have also reported seeing a “lady in white,” although she has yet to be identified.

Eastern State Penitentiary

The Eastern State Penitentiary is a prison that does a startlingly good impression of a castle. So perhaps that means it qualifies as a dungeon? Whatever it’s classification, this was the first prison to employ solitary confinement – going so far as to make the prisoners wear hoods whenever they moved from one place to a next so they’d never see anyone else. Some people speculate that this drove more than one inmate crazy.
The prison shut down in the ’70s, but visitors still report hearing footsteps in the yards and pacing through the cells. Cell Block 12, in particular, is famous as the source of some disembodied laughter, but other claim to hear eerie noises and wails drifting all through the hallways. Maybe there’s nothing to worry about, though, since apparently a shadowy figure appears in one of the tall guard towers every so often to keep an eye on the inmates.

The Whaley House

Even the Travel Channel has rated this San Diego home as the most supernatural in the country – so much so that there have even been reports of ghost dogs running through the house. This home was originally built by James Whaley, but the earliest known ghost to take up residence was “Yankee” Jim Robinson, who was hanged on the site in 1852. Later, James and his wife have also apparently moved back in, and they say that one of the signs that he’s nearby is the faint scent of a cigar.

Hotel Provincial, Louisiana

New Orleans is one of those cities that has “mystery” and “paranormal” written all over it. Even in this city, though, the Hotel Provincial stands out as a haunted location. People report feelings of being watched, which is standard fair, but the descriptions of blood stains appearing and disappearing on the bedding definitely puts it in a different league.
Before it was a hotel, the Provincial served as a Confederate hospital, which could certainly be the kind of catalyst that that historically leads to a haunting and all the moans and voices that visitors report hearing. One voice in particular, though, seems to be wondering the halls experiencing a different sort of pain, as it supposedly whispers of the need to “tell her he needs to go” or simply wonders why “she doesn’t love me anymore.”

If you’re up for haunted travels this Halloween, be sure to visit these top spooky locations! Where are some scary places you’ve visited?

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